Questions Related to Vancouver Landscape Design

How much does a landscape design work in Vancouver cost?

A typical landscape design company in Vancouver would charge between $900 and $1600 for the design work alone. Then you have to find landscapers who will do the installation work. With Yardhack, you can save all that money. Our dedicated design team can do the 3D landscape design plus cost estimate for you free of charge.

What are included in your free design and cost estimate?

It will include 3D designs, guides, and detailed cost estimates such as materials with quantities and prices, tools needed, labor hours and costs, delivery cost, etc.

Do I need a landscape architect for my garden landscape design?

Yes, if you want your garden look more appealing and beautiful. Landscape architects and designers have expertise to help you design a more appealing landscape.

What is the workflow of a normal landscape project?

Typically, you have to go through the process of landscape design, cost estimate, design review, approving design, and installation.

How to get new landscape design ideas?

You could get landscape design ideas by viewing different landscape designs and images online. Yardhack website provides different designs and pictures of our past work, and you can view them to get new ideas.

How to choose landscapers in Vancouver?

You want to choose landscapers that have dedicated design teams, good reputation of service, quality work of history, willing to listen to your ideas, quick response, and able to give you detailed cost estimates before you make decisions.

How could you provide detailed cost estimates while other landscapers can only give me a total cost?

Detailed cost estimate generally takes hours or days for the designers to do. So they can only give a rough estimate. But with our unique industry leading-edge software, we can provide these estimates instantly.

Can I get a cost estimate if submitting my own design?

Yes. We would love to use your design to estimate for your project. However, you can save your design fee if you simply let us to design for you.

Can I use your cost estimate to consult with other landscapers?

Yes, you can freely use our estimate to compare against other landscapers quote, or even give it to your preferred landscaper.